Please use this daily rhythm as a guide, and know that because we are a constructivist school, we strongly believe in the importance of following the interest of the child. We place significance on organic flow, spontaneous nature walks, daily discoveries and feeling into the mood and energy level of the children.

We have a maximum of 12 students with 2 teachers. 





This is a time of the day that we value connection most. As children arrive, they are invited to choose an area of the classroom that they feel excited about. Parents and guardians are welcome to stay and explore as their child settles in, and then are respectfully asked to leave once their child has become engaged in an activity or with a peer. At 9:30 children are invited to eat a healthy and organic morning snack, with last call being at 9:45 (we highlight fruits, veggies and proteins).


Morning Gathering happens from 10:00 until it’s finished. Some days we may sit together for 10 minutes, other days we may engage, learn and explore together for 45. This is dependent upon the children's level of focus, our current area of study and the energy of the day. We will sing songs, move our bodies, read books, research and tell stories.


Project Work Time is a time of the day where we work (play) hard! We will delve in our serious interests - we become scientists, mathematicians, artists, musicians, poets, and experts in what we’re studying. Many days our interests will take us outside to construct theories about the world in our garden, sandbox, mud kitchen and play forts.



Lunch is a time where we sit around tables together to reflect upon our morning, share stories and express gratitude. Please pack a healthy and balanced lunch for your child. 


For the hour following lunch, children are asked to engage in silence and learn to enjoy independence - this may be falling asleep, writing and drawing in their journal, lying and thinking, looking through books, or playing a solo silent game.


Outdoor exploration is a time when students have unstructured time out of doors. During this time, teachers are more hands off. We will observe the play, look for areas of interest to later facilitate further learning, and offer support during conflict when needed by mediating, rather than solving the problem for the children.

Stand aside for awhile and leave room for learning, observe carefully what children do, and then, if you have understood well, perhaps teaching will be different from before.
— Loris Malaguzzi


Clean up, snack and closing circle. After cleaning up our outdoor space, we’ll head back inside for a finger food snack that we’ll eat in a circle. During this time students will be encouraged to share successes, learnings and challenges of the day. We’ll make intentions for improvement and offer compliments for daily successes and discoveries.


Good bye to full day preschool students.




Depending on weather and interest, we’ll either play indoors or outdoors. During this time the aftercare teacher will provide one focused activity that children may visit if they choose, others may engage in free play.


Examples of snack may include: humanely raised meat, cheese, fruit and veggies, oatmeal, crackers, nuts. We will use local, organic, gluten free and creative ingredients whenever possible. Students will be involved in the preparation and serving of snack!  We will accommodate dietary restrictions as needed.


Rain or shine we spend the last bit of time outdoors. And of course, will go inside if it’s just too cold or rainy to bear.


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