Meg Neal is a warm and enthusiastic teacher. She helps children connect to the natural world and study their place within it. She brings a wealth of experiences to the classroom—did you know she is also a baker and pastry aficionado?!—which she openly shares with the children. Though she works tirelessly outside of school hours to make each day inspiring for the children, she always keeps the children at the center of the classroom community and follows their lead. Most importantly, though, she is kind to the children and adults who take part in her classroom community.

Jackie Bartlett, Former co-teacher and owner of Portland Baby School

Meg provides an amazing air of creative calmness.  Preschoolers aren’t always the calmest animals and when their emotions get out of control, Meg listens empathetically and helps them learn how to control their reactions and come to a resolution. My daughter has been in Meg’s class for two years and she has learned an immense amount: from gardening, art, and yoga, to building friendships, dealing with adversity, and exploring the world.  She has come home using words (correctly!) like biomagnification, symbiosis, and echolocation.  And it’s not just about vocabulary—her appreciation of and wonder about the world around her has only grown each day she’s spent in Meg’s care.  I can’t recommend Meg highly enough!

Catherine McNeur, Parent

Meg is a teacher who is so in-tune with her students. She sees the good intentions of the children and patiently guides them. My daughter was excited to see her everyday and continues to think about Meg two years later. She fostered creativity, community, and kindness at all times. What I noticed the most, was how reflective she is of herself. Just the best!
— Wakana McCollister, Parent
Meg is that rare combination of strength, grace, and compassion which makes her a highly effective teacher who is able to meet both the emotional and cognitive needs of her students.  She was quickly able to create a bond with our son and see who he was, and what he needed most.  Meg was always able to guide him in a way that was respectful and loving, as well as fostering his creative mind and encouraging him to explore and grow as an individual.  Her love of learning shines clearly through and is utterly contagious to everyone around her. Her smile, her warmth, and her earnest dedication made coming to school every day a joy.  We are so grateful for the time that our son was in her care. We could not have asked for a better educator to be a part of our son’s life.

Katie Emard and Deb Serkoian, Parents


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