We require $25 application fee and a $200 deposit to secure your position. This $200 will go directly towards classroom supplies and the garden.


Change or Cancellation of Contract

We require a 30 day notice if you wish to cancel or reduce enrollment. You are required to pay one month's enrollment fee from the day you give notice, unless we find a family to fill your spot sooner.



Please remember that we are an ecologically based school - this means many things, one of which is that we get DIRTY and WET from time to time. Please pack appropriate clothes for the weather and make sure that all of your child’s clothing is LABELED. We have a lost and found that is donated at the end of each month.



Children must be toilet trained before their first day. 


Injury and Illness

Oregon State and Multnomah County require children to stay home from school if they are exhibiting:

  • Yellow color to skin or eyes

  • Eyes with redness and/or discharge (signs of Pinkeye)

  • Skin or eye lesions

  • Any type of rash (unless determined by a doctor to be non contagious)

  • Stiff neck or headache

  • Difficulty breathing or wheezing

  • Complaints of severe pain

  • Unusually sleepy or lethargic

  • Diarrhea

  • Green, brown, gray, tan or yellow drainage from nose, eyes, or any other part of the body

  • Vomiting

  • Fever over 100.0 degrees Fahrenheit within past 24 hours

  • Cough: deep, barking, congested, or productive of colored mucous

  • White, clay-colored, or bloody stool

  • Brown or bloody urine

We ask that your child stay home until they have been symptom free for 24 hours.



Oregon State law requires all medications be in their original container with a dated and signed form from the child’s pediatrician.

Sunscreen and other topical treatments need a signed permission slip.



Multnomah County requires families to have an updated copy of immunizations on file at all times.



Tuition may not be reduced or prorated for extended vacations. Please plan vacations accordingly.


Inclement Weather

We follow the Portland Public School closure policy - if PPS is delayed or closed, so are we.


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